Hot Mess In Walmart

Yep you read that right…

We have all seen those You tube videos “People in Walmart” With the lady that is wearing pants that match her skin tone so it looks like she’s not wearing any pants, or that man that is dressed up as Indiana Jones but its not even close to halloween.

Well I am pretty sure I will be on the next one… Not because I was wearing some crazy outfit but because I mom’d that shit right up.
In my defence I was not aware that I looked like that Thanks husband for not telling me I looked like a hot mess mom.

We were fixing up a trailer that my husband wanted to use for work. Great no problem I will help you spray paint it. As we were doing it realized we did not have enough spray paint so I went to the store up the road it wasn’t really busy so I didn’t really notice I was going to get in and out… Then my husband told me that he took at the ones they had and they wouldn’t get a shipment out there for like 2 weeks… great now I have to run to Walmart.

Here I go off to Walmart still unaware that I look terrible. Well as I was walking down the aisles I was getting weird looks, and normally I wouldn’t take account of these looks because people are nosey by nature. Well that is when I noticed… My son… My beautiful baby boy decided he was going to wipe his face on my shirt… Peanut butter smear. Hey I thought he was giving me a hug.

No only was my shirt used as a napkin I had black spray paint on my face my hair was outrageous looks like I stuck my finger into something electrical. “Don’t you check yourself out in the mirror of the car before you get out” Well normally I do… but for some reason which from now on I will I did not…
Needless to say I got the black paint and the trailer looks great, and I might never use that Walmart again!… okay who are we kidding I love Walmart Ill be back.. but next time, I will check myself!