My sweet boy, can we just freeze time.

It has been a really long day. 

The sun was so hot that I was sweating in places that I didn’t even think was possible. 

While I was sitting on my computer, just browsing Facebook. You grabbed your blanket and snuggled up beside me and fell asleep. You told me all you wanted was a hug, so I did, but then you quickly fell asleep. 

You are twitching, you must be having an intense dream. I always wondered what you are dreaming about. Your skin is so soft and your hair smells like sweet lavender from the shampoo. 

My arm is falling asleep but I don’t want to move. I just want to freeze time so we can stay like this forever. 

You are still small… Still small enough to curl up into a ball. Small enough to still fit in my lap. Small enough that I can still call you my baby. 

I am in no hurry to get up, I will just continue to sit here listening to the sound of your breathing. Running my hand through your hair. 

You just seem so peaceful. I am sure there are tons of things that I could be doing, like the dishes or the laundry. I probably should get dinner ready. But I just want to freeze time so we can stay like this forever. 

I know that days are short, and I probably won’t get many more days like this as you get older. At some point, you will be ‘too cool’ for cuddles. So I am going to take this moment in. 

You are growing up so fast, you are doing more things for yourself like a big boy. You no longer need me to tie your shoes, You no longer need me to pick out what you are going to wear that day. 

But right now, in this moment you need me. You need my cuddles. So I will stay here for as long as you need me. I will cuddle you for as long as you sleep. 

My sweet boy, can we just freeze time, so we can stay like this forever.

Distant Memories

When I was younger I felt the days went by so slow. Sitting at my desk in school, watching the clock, tick tick tick. Waiting for the bell to ring, then booking it out of the school as fast as I could. 

Summertime, daydreaming when I am finally old enough to do all the things that only adults can do. Daydreaming  by my big willow tree on my farm. It was my favorite place to be. 

Now that I have kids, I want it to slow down. Life seems to be going 100 miles per hour. Like driving in the fast lane with no cars. Never in the slow lane. 

Just busy parenting, keeping the house in order and working. I find myself often just sitting and watching the kids play in the pool. Thinking “Where did the time go?, I swear it was just yesterday they were babies” 

I will be the first to admit that I struggle to stop and smell the roses. I will be in the middle of laundry or dishes and the kids ask to play “Let me just finish these” The dishes and laundry will be there later, your kids grow up so fast. 

A first birthday is so exciting, yet you mourn the fact that your baby is growing up. To be honest for me, it seems to be every birthday. Even with 4 kids you would think that I have learned by now, they do in fact have to grow up. Not stay babies forever, since my oldest is 11. 

The pain of childbirth and holding your new baby in your hands. 

Watching them take their first steps and eating solid foods for the first time. 

No sleep and sore nipples. 

Them exploring the amazing adventures the world has to offer. 

Becomes a distant memory. 

I know I cannot stop time. All we can do is soak it all in because one day, I will miss the house being a mess, I will be sitting in my living room missing the sounds of little feet running in and yelling “Mommy, look what I did” I will miss cutting the crust of the sandwiches. I will miss this. All of this. 

I am going to try my best to take it all in. When my son wants a random hug, I will get down to his level and give him a big hug and hold him there for a minute, even if he squirms. When they ask me to play, I will set down the laundry or dishes and go and play with them. 

Don’t get me wrong I am excited to watch them grow into amazing adults and see where life takes them. — To watch their little personalities grow to be big ones. To see their drive to get their dream jobs. 

I hear people say “Make these the best days of your life!” But I don’t want these to JUST be the best days, I don’t want to be sad when it’s all done and my best days are behind us. Instead I am going to make these days happy and fun and full of life. I want to continue to have the best days when they are older too and have kids themselves. 

I am going to continue to help my children have the best tools to be able to grow up and be respectful, caring adults. 

I am going to have more movie nights with all the fixings, popcorn, chips and candy. 

I am going to put my phone down and computer down and soak in the laughter. 

I am going to make more time for myself and my husband so that we have enough energy to keep up with them. 

I want to look back at these days and remember that I enjoyed every single moment of them being babies and small kids and teenagers. I don’t want to look back and regret that I didn’t put down my phone or laundry to look at what they were doing. 

I want to look back and know that everything I did, helped shape them to be amazing adults. 

Dear laundry,

I have noticed you are always here lurking in the shadows.

You tend to spread throughout the house. 

You are on the floor in the bedrooms.

You are on the floor in the living room. 

Sometimes, and I mean rarely do you actually make it to the basket. 

Sometimes you are clean and end up back in the laundry room. 

You are always losing your sock partner, it’s like you don’t even care.  

I feel like you are using me, to pick you up and clean you. You can’t even be bothered to change yourself to the drier. 

You pile up so quickly, I feel like I can’t breath! 

I feel suffocated! 

I constantly have to fold you and put you away. 

Sometimes I find you hanging halfway out the dresser.

So today I have decided that we are breaking up. 

I am going to enjoy this cup of coffee, while you lay throughout the house.

I’m going to pretend you are not here later and enjoy a glass of wine. 

I am not sorry, I don’t care about your feelings. You clearly don’t care about mine. 

I bid my farewell laundry.

 Today you do not exist! 

Easter… We have got this!

As Easter approaches I find myself unsure of how I feel. I am excited to still be able to watch my kids hunt for Easter eggs, because thankfully our bulk barn did online pick up, at the same time I find myself a little sad.

I am sad that I wasn’t able to get the ‘Extras” new books, or skipping ropes and bubbles. Normally I like to get them some sort of outside toy to celebrate spring time. It is in the back of my head that I feel I am failing as a mother because I can’t get the things that I normally can, but at the same time I know that I am doing the best I can in this new world that we are living in right now.

I am sad that we wont be able to do our big family dinners that we normally do with the extended family. Dinner at my moms with the big turkey and the big Easter egg hunt that she puts on every year for the kids. My dad’s where he always gets them so much outdoor toys to keep them entertained for the spring and summer. My grandma where her hugs can cure anything I swear.

I am sad that when my youngest keeps asking “Why can’t we go see them for just a minute” “I promise I wont get close to them” then I have to continue to remind him that we just simply can’t right now and explain to a 4 year old, who really doesn’t understand how a virus works.

I am sad that all my kids birthdays will be effected from this virus and there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t stop it. I can’t say “go away, so that my babies can have their birthdays” I am going to do my hardest to make sure that they have the best birthdays under the circumstances but I know that it just wont be the same. Bowling and space dance parties without their friends.

I am sad that I canceled on friends before this because I would give anything to see them right now, I need them.

As parents, we are going to have to figure out how to adapt to the world that is falling apart due to a virus that is just taking over the world. As parents we have to make sure that we protect our kids physically and mentally, but well let’s face it we have no idea what really is going on ourselves. We have to at the same time protect ourselves physically and mentally in order to protect them.

Stay positive

I get it, trust me it is really hard to stay positive when you are so scared yourself. Not to mention your kids driving you up the wall and back down again. Thinking about how a cabin in the woods, just you and nature would feel right about now. I find what work’s best here is using my words wisely and they will more then likely work… so instead of saying “Ugh, stop making such a mess” say “Can you please pick up your toys” They are just as stressed as you are. Their tiny lives have been flipped upside down too. Yelling at them will just make you upset and them upset and everyone’s crying and stressed.


Everything is up in the air right now, and no one know when this will end. Letting everyone just go hog wild in the house for months, is just going to cause everyone to be a hot mess and you drinking out of the wine bottle. I know as parents, moms. We want to sleep in. We dream about more sleep. I found if I set my alarm got up and had my coffee before the mayhem started I have a better day. I have started to get my body back to normal routines. Get your kids up, have breakfast, their showers and their school work. Have their meal times and bedtime routines as normal. Children have a healthier life with a structured life.


Kids are going to be testing our patience a lot more during this time. They know what set’s us off. I get that this time is stressful for them, but at the same time we need to make sure that they know that their behavior is now okay. We have always been their teachers even while they were in school. We need to make sure that they grow up to be respectful human beings. Consequences help teach our children responsibility for what they do. We will hear a lot of “You aren’t my teacher, I don’t need to learn that” they will have more break downs because they are stressed and are still learning how to use their emotions. Small body big emotions. Teach them how to express themselves and let us know whats going on in their little minds because negative outbursts.

Always take a minute for yourself. If you feel like screaming, if you feel like you are about to loose your cool. Go take a minute. Breathe. and come back to it.

You are not alone

Millions of parents out there are trying to figure this out too. Contact your mommy friends and vent to them. Tell them “Girl ima sell these kids to the zoo” I am 100% sure they will agree and say “maybe they will do a deal with more kids, I will drop mine off too” go on some mommy support groups.
Take a break. When the kids are asleep. Have that nice relaxing bath. Go sit outside with a book. Avoid social media with all those news outlets, people sharing all these things about the virus that is sending your blood pressure out the window. You need to separate yourselves from hearing about it all together to settle, to destress.

Talk to your kids about it

I know we are all trying to figure it out. We don’t know whats going on either. Your kids look to you for safety and reassurance that everything will be okay and that everything one day will go back to some what of a normal life. Being silent and not talking about it does not help your child. Listen to their questions and answer them to the best of your ability. Ask them open questions about how they are feeling about this whole situation. If they don’t feel like talking about it, that’s okay. Just let them know that you are here when they feel like talking.

We are all in this together. We can get through this, I know it. It is after 6 so it is time for wine!

Cheers parents, Stay safe, we have got this!

Meditation during pregnancy

During pregnancy you have so many things to worry about, the fact that you are about to bring this beautiful baby into this world. All the things that you need to get ready, prepare for. We all tend to forget about ourselves. It is important that during all this crazy chaos of bringing a baby in the world that you take time for yourself.

Meditation has so many benefits for your body and even your mind. Meditation can be used before pregnancy, during and even after But today I will talk about Pregnancy Meditation.

One of the top things your doctor will tell you is listen to your body, and if you are anything like me you answer with “How?”
Meditation will help you listen to your body, relax your mind, and listen to that small heart beat.

There are tons of benefits of practicing Meditation:

  • It can help you reduce stress
  • Helps control anxiety
  • Helps with emotional health
  • Helps with self-awareness
  • Helps keep you focused
  • Helps improve sleep
  • Helps control pain
  • Can decrease blood pressure

Finding a comfortable position is important

You may have been doing meditation for awhile, or maybe you are a newbie. As your belly grows finding a way to be comfortable is difficult regardless. Meditation is best done sitting up right, but sometimes it is very difficult to do even more so when you are in your third trimester. Don’t stress to much about the way you are doing it, the most important thing is find a way to be comfortable to do your meditation. I found the best way to do this was laying down on my side, with a pillow between my legs.

Focus on your beautiful bump

Mama you are growing a human inside you, focus all your energy to what is going on inside your belly. Try some deep belly breathing techniques. Breath in and out slowly, deep inside your belly. Start shorter periods at first and the more you do it, go a little longer each time. Start at 3 minutes.

The waves of a beautiful ocean

So during pregnancy, and even during labor this one can really help. Sometimes you can get braxton hicks contractions during your pregnancy, these are ‘fake contractions’ these can really hurt. So one meditation technique is to pretend each contraction is waves coming in and out. Visualize a way coming in when it hits the peak of the pain, breath in and then when the pain is subsiding, picture the wave going back out, and breath out.

Humming a tune to your baby

During pregnancy we start to think of all the things that could happen, or all the things that we just don’t understand and we start to over think everything. When should I pack my hospital bag, when should I start thinking about the baby room, what names are we going to pick. Why am I having this pain, what is this pain. Our minds start going a mile a minute. We all know that famous “Hum” sound during meditation and some people find it very silly. Personally I think its the best thing to do when you’re lost in thought. It helps you clear your mind and focus on the sound of your voice and nothing else. So instead of thinking it is some weird thing you are saying while sitting there, think of it as you humming a tune to your baby. Find your comfortable spot, and hummmm to your baby. Focus all your thoughts on the sound of your voice and visualize your baby hearing your beautiful voice.

Concept Meditation [Find your happy place]

So you just bought a crib and change table set and the instructions are all crazy you and your husband can’t figure out what is even going on. You start to argue and stress levels just start going through the roof. Here is what you do to calm yourself down. Hey! even let your husband join in! This could also benefit him as well. Find your happy place. Think of the place that you love the most, for example you are in a rain forest, all you hear is the rain coming down and the animals making their beautiful music. Focus on the sound of the rain and the trees blowing in the wind. Ignore all outside noises and just breath. Continue this till you feel your stress levels come down and start that crib and change table in a different mind set.

Let’s get grounded

No I don’t mean I am going to send you to your room for 5 minutes so you can think about your actions. I mean get up and start walking. No only does this help you prepare your mind but it also helps prepare your body for labor. Choose a good place to concentrate on your breathing and pace. Pay attention to your steps and the feeling of the floor or carpet and maybe even the grass between your toes or even your feet on the beach in the sand or water.

If you have any concerns please talk to your doctor before trying meditation.

Meditation can help in so many ways, if you are not comfortable doing them alone, maybe try and join a meditation class! I promise you, that you wont be disappointed in the results of meditation. Even continue after you have the baby.

I hope this will help you have a happier and healthier experience during your pregnancy!

Dear Husband,

Sometimes I feel like you get the worst of me.
Sometimes I feel like you might not recognize me anymore.

By the time you get home, I am beyond frustrated with the kids. With them not listening, hitting me, making messes that I am constantly picking up or telling them to pick up. Sometimes I am mad at myself because I didn’t get all the things I wanted to get done for the day. Honestly there just is not enough time in the day. Sometimes I am so frustrated and upset that if I don’t let it out when you get home i might explode. For that I am sorry, you become my target.

You come home from a long day at work, providing for us, at a job that your boss is just so frustrating and you come home to me upset, and mad and storming around. Come home to me demanding the kids go to you instead of me. You come home to me almost in tears because I have tried my best to get the house clean.

When they finally get to sleep, I am running around trying to get the things done that I was just not able to when they were awake, because they are constantly asking me to do this, open this, can you look at this. I get your lunches ready for work, and I get our dinner ready if you came home late. You do your best to stay awake when I try and get the last minute things done so that I am able to some what sleep without stressing that I missed something.

When I finally get to lay down and just close my eyes you try and cuddle and I jerk away “I just need to not be touched for one minute so I can fall asleep”

Or when you call and you are on your way home and you nicely ask “Babe do we need anything?” and I answer the question in a angry tone because I just can’t hold in my frustrations of our son demanding that I hold him while I try and get things done.

You ask me nicely “whats for dinner” and I snap “I have no idea, I will figure it out” When just before you asked me I had to deal with our son asking 2390482039482 times whats for dinner and my frustrations just got sent to you.

I don’t mean to, but you often get the worst of me, the left overs of my very frustrating day. Because honestly all my patience and strength has been used up by the kids. Because honestly motherhood uses so much of my time, and of my brain that I have no idea how to even shut it off at this point and it leaves me with nothing else for anyone else.

But you will always be the one that I loved first. I know you are worried to come home because you dont know what kind of mood I will be in, but if you continue to love me and I love you, showing our kids that we love each other no matter what, will give our kids a sense of security.

So I promise I will do my best to leave room for you at the end of the day, I will do my best to leave some joy and love and patience.

By the time you get home sometimes my affection is just spent. From giving hugs and kisses, and talking to the kids about how their day went. Make sure all of them are doing good. That by the time you get it, I just dont feel like being touched, I just need a minute without human contact. Please dont give up on me, I need you so much, I need your kisses and affection too.

I am sorry that you get snapped on because I have held it in so much during the day so that I don’t blow up on the kids, that you end up getting the snarky comments. So please continue to love me no matter what.

I do think it is time we get some alone time, some time away, what do you think?

I know sometimes, I bottle things up and take the world on my shoulders and I know that you are here to take some of that burden. But please know that I couldn’t do any of this without you.

Watching you ever day, play with the kids, Hold our son for the first time and the love in your eyes every day. You keep me grounded. You keep me from completely loosing my mind at the end of the day because I know no matter what you will walk through those doors, and I feel like I can breath again… I count down till the time you walk through those doors.

So I know that you don’t always get the best of me, but I hope that you will always remember that I loved you first and always will.

I felt robbed

I feel like my body failed me.
This was not how it was suppose to be.
My pregnancies were all normal, I felt like I was a “easy patient”

Every time I went in for my appointment “Everything looks great” “Right on track” So the end game was not at all what I was expecting.

Getting pregnant at 19, was not my plan. I planned to go to collage and become a vet, or at least anything to do with animals. Life has a way of challenging you. I was taking my birth control every day like clock work, using condoms. I had nothing to worry about right? Well I was wrong.

I was wrong because I made a mistake… at 19 years old, you are considered an adult but you still make those mistakes. We didn’t use a condom and well shocker I got pregnant.

So now here I am pregnant at 19… I needed to change my future. Now I have to not only think about myself but think about this bundle that I am bringing into the world. I was scared, nervous.. Was I going to be a good mom? What will be my birthing plan?

I wanted to do it normal, and by normal I mean vaginally. I had it all planned out to the T. Yet again life throws in a curve ball.

The morning that I gave birth went like any normal day. My boyfriend at the time, my kids father. Went off to work. I didn’t feel right. I woke up with a really bad stomach ache. I tried laying down, drinking more water. Even took a bath and nothing was working. So I called my boyfriend saying, I think you need to come back something is just not right.

Off to the hospital we went with my hospital bag, my birthing plan the whole 9 yards. Was this it? Was this the time we get to meet our child?

Waiting in the hospital bed, hooked up to all the crazy machines. Nurses coming in and out not telling us a damn thing. I finally asked “What going on? Am I giving birth today or not?” The nurses looked at each other then looked at us. That’s when my heart dropped…

What was going on? Was our baby okay? Did I do something wrong?

Nurse 1 said “There is something going on with your babies heart rate, every time you get a contraction, the heart rate goes down” So at this point I am bawling my eyes out. 20 years old and I am giving birth to my first child. I am already scared enough then this happens?

Fast forward my doctor gave me a shot to speed up the process so that I can give birth quickly… I was fully dilated and it was time to push. I kept pushing and pushing. Meanwhile my babies heart rate was still going down. So my doctor made the choice. “We need to do an emergency csection”

Emergency csection… wait what?

My mind was going a mile a minute.. Everything was blurry… I was freaking out. They roll me into the room. I remember how cold it was in that room. I remember all the nurses and doctors running around me. No one was speaking to me, they were all speaking softly to themselves.

I felt nothing from the waste down, besides the pressure and then pushing and pulling and moving my body. I couldn’t do anything because they had this big sheet up.

I heard the cry…

I took the biggest breath ever… I felt like the whole time I was holding it in. That cry… was the best sound I have heard in my entire life. I never thought I could want something so bad. All the worry and the scares and everything just went away the minute I heard our baby cry.

The doctors told me that the cord was wrapped around her neck twice. Her poor little face was purple and you could see on the top of her head where she started to come out when I was pushing. She was perfect.

They pushed me into a room for recovery, without my baby. Without the little human that I was waiting for long to hold and to just stare at. I felt robbed. No skin to skin. No magically joy of them pulling her out of me and my boyfriend cutting the cord. There was none of that. I am laying here after all that alone.

I had to stay in the hospital bed for 2 days hooked up. I wasn’t aloud getting out of it. I was in so much pain that I could barely sit up to feed her or to change her.

I see other ladies getting out of the hospital the second day and here I am still here. I hear all these lovely stories about them being able to do skin to skin and holding their babies for the first time right after before anyone else. I didn’t

I felt like my body failed me.

When I got home I was still in so much pain… I remember crying while in the shower and my boyfriend had to help me wash. I remember crying when he helped me put on my clothes and shoes if we needed to go out. Which wasn’t often right after the csection. Why was I in so much pain? Was I just weak and couldn’t handle the pain? Was this pain not normal? I had no idea what was happening. Since before giving birth I read all these books and researched all about giving birth but never once thought that I would be having a csection.

I remember looking at my scar thinking, I hate you so much. I remember thinking my body now wont ever go back to being the same because of this stupid scar. I remember thinking now my body is ugly.

What I came to understand is the first 2 weeks after a csection is the hardest. It actually takes a full 6 weeks for you to be able to go back to fully functioning.

I wish that I knew this. I wish that I did more research about csections before giving birth. I wish that I knew that I could bond with my baby in different ways like me holding her and breastfeeding which I did but my head was just so wrapped around the fact that I couldn’t do it all right away.

As a new mom at 20 I was the strongest yet most weakest I have ever been. I will forever hold on to this birth story because it changed me. It made me understand that your plan is never 100%, it made me understand that life doesn’t always go the way we planned it.

I wouldn’t change it for the world. My very smart 10 year old daughter now makes me remember it every day, that everything happens for a reason, and it was worth it.


Let’s talk Remembrance Day.

This has been weighing on me for years and I am sure it has for others since I’m rarely alone in things that are bothering me, even those sometimes I feel like I am.

If you don’t know what Remembrance Day is, which I hope that is not the case since its a very important day. It is a day where we remember all the men and woman and dogs who fought and died in the war. To give us the freedom that we have today. We should remember them every day, this is a special day dedicated to them.

What has been bugging me is that people get mad at you for putting up Christmas decorations before Remembrance Day. They literally get offended. People that did not fight in the war. People that have no idea what went on in the war. We hear bits and pieces of what happened but we don’t know every single detail.

The word freedom is exactly that, they fought for our freedom so we can do what we want, when we want to.

To me I feel its disrespectful NOT to put up Christmas decorations when you want to. The ones that fought for us and died in the line of duty never got to put up those decorations again… They will never feel the joy and the love that Christmas brings to us. They would want you to put up those fake garland and lights right after you take down those fake cob webs if that is what you choose to do.

They fought for us, so we didn’t have to, They fought for us so that we could have future Christmas’s.

I feel like holding it off for one day, is telling our kids to only remember then one day, but every day that you put on your shoes, get in your car and safely to work. Is exactly what they fought for. So that we did not have to worry. We need to teach our children what freedom really means. We need to stop teaching them “Happy Remembrance Day” and more of what the day actually means.

Instead of blaming Christmas as to why people forget why we have freedom, teach them every day why we do. Put up those Christmas decorations, but also wear your poppy proud over your heart. Tell the kids why you are wearing the poppy and let them wear one too. Remind our kids that even now people are fighting for our freedom, not just the ones that have passed on.

I bet not one of them fought for you to wait one more day to put up your Christmas decorations.

I bet not one of them would be upset that you are happy with your family and putting them up together. I bet not one of them would tell you, that you are disrespecting them for doing what you want, for doing exactly what they fought for Freedom.

So let’s do our part, teaching our kids what they fought for, teaching our kids to respect others and to respect that ones that gave us our lives. Let’s always remember, not just one day, but we can honor them every day by living our lives the way we choose, by living our lives to the fullest.

Daylight savings, the devil

Here I am on my like I don’t know 20th cup of coffee, honestly I lost count. It is that time of the year where all parents are dying… not really but sooo tired! Time change. It’s not like our sleep is already screwed up with having kids and all. Pretty sure whoever invented daylight savings either didn’t have kids or hated people with kids.

As parents we struggle enough trying to get our kids to sleep. Any tiny little change that stops this from happening even more can kiss my Canadian bottom.

Our kids tantrums and attitudes don’t fall back, and now added on to it we have another hour to deal with their hyper I dont want to go to bed crazyness. Kids dont even understand time change they will get up whenever, so you bet my kid was up hella early this morning. I honestly am just dreaming about my comfy bed. “I will see you soon my comfy cloud”

I think maybe we should all be allowed to give our child cough syrup when daylights savings comes around, or maybe a cute little mascot that comes and tell the kids this is fun time juice.. just kidding of course.

“A whole extra hour to slee…” “HAH naw mom, we will be up at the crack ass of dawn still”

Maybe next time I will send the kids over to their grandparents! “You said you wanted to visit the kids… You’re welcome!”

Some parents look forward to having that extra time to drink some wine!

Maybe we can also set out kids back an hour? Is that possible?

and what about the timing, we get to deal with the hyper of the kids having all that Halloween candy !!

One funny thing that my husband and I were talking about when that kids wont even know the struggle of going around the house and having to manually change the clocks, everything is all digital now!

I have noticed some people without kids complaining about daylight savings. Go have a nap… have like 20 naps… relax.. having some time drinking coffee without being interrupted 34203984203 times before you take a sip !!

My bed is going to feel so nice later I can just feel it! For now I am doing everything possible to stay awake… count down is on!!

Let them enjoy it just a little longer

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Every year on Halloween it rains, or snows… I honestly cant remember the last time the weather didn’t suck! But the kids were troopers and went to several houses before I called it. As a mom I couldn’t let them be out to long in the rain and cold. My oldest who is 10 was so mad, but I said that I didn’t want to them get sick plus I was so cold!

While I was out enjoying my kids run around like crazy crack heads wanting candy plus looking super cute doing it. There was a lot of colder kids going to doors. It didn’t bother me one bit! I can’t say that for some other parents that I past.

“Wow they are way to old to be trick or treating” “Save the candy for the younger ones” Mind you none of the older kids were pushy, they waiting for my kids to go up to the door first. Never was rude or said some obnoxious teen things.

As parents we all have been there and said “I never want my kids to grow up” “I wish they could stay young forever” but then we complain when the older kids want to hold on to their childhood? I don’t have any full on teens yet, my oldest is still a teenie bopper, but I remember being a teen, not going to tell you how long ago we just don’t need to go there. I remember some days I was just plain lazy, I didn’t want to do much. Plus I was around a lot of other teens that video games and just being inside was the best thing to do at that age. So when I see teenagers outside enjoying themselves I am going to praise them! I am going to be so happy for their parents that those teens are out holding on to every last bit of their childhood they possibly can because let face it. They grow up way to fast!

These teens took the time to find a costume, buy or make one. So yes let them have some candy too. Let them stay young for just a little bit longer because before we know it, they will be off to collage and only come home for the big holidays, like thanksgiving and Christmas. Teens are so scared of being judged and let down at that stage so you telling them they cant trick or treat because you’re scared your child wont get enough candy? Seems like a silly thing to be worried about since, hunny we know you are going to eat most of their candy anyways because “Parent tax”

So let them enjoy the last bit of childhood, and hey enjoy it with them if they let you come out, because we stop being cool to be around after awhile. Soak it up! Maybe they will even let you take some pictures but lets not hold our breath on that one.

When you see a teenager out trick or treating or even outside playing in fresh air instead of hiding in their bed rooms, smile because its a beautiful damn thing!