Skinny shaming

I have never been fat, but I know too well how it feels to be criticized about your weight. From family and from friends, even strangers.

We all know that “fat shaming” is wrong, but I rarely hear about the other way around “skinny shaming”. And I promise you it happens.

So why is “skinny shaming” okay? But “fat shaming” is not?

I remember standing in line at the grocery store, I had all 4 kids with me, and I was taking stuff out of the cart and putting them on the belt. An older lady came up behind me and said “I hope you are eating all that too you are skin and bones” and pokes my side.

The fact that she was a little bigger than me, is irrelevant. She was speaking about my weight in public. 100% if it was the other way around and I said something about her weight. That would be extremely unacceptable.

I get that I am trending on thin ice talking about being skinny and being shamed for it, but I am done. I am done being silent about how I feel. I am going to list all the names that I have been called so far in my life Slim, stick, beanpole, all bones, scrawny, wafer, paper thin, Skeleton, anorexic and that’s just a few.

These names are just thrown around like confetti on the media and in real like and no one bats an eye but yet, we have to be careful of the words we use to describe anything to do with fat. I personally can’t stand being called “too skinny” I have been battling the fact that I can’t gain weight for the life of me. I eat more than my husband. But hey, a skinny girl should be so lucky to be skinny right?

My parents have always been at me constantly “Are you eating” “Are you sure you are okay, I can buy you food” at this point me even eating anything at family gatherings just makes me uncomfortable. I am so tired of the comments. I understand that they mean well. They are just trying to make sure I am doing alright. It really gets to me. If I could gain weight, I gladly would. But it is just not that simple.

I used to laugh it off, like it was not a big deal, but it started to get old real fast. It started to really hurt. Being told that a stiff wind will blow me away one day, really stings. I started to wear clothes that wouldn’t show my figure because I was tired of people making remarks, tired of my family making remarks.

As women, we need to start making a stand. We need to stop shaming any type of body type. We need to stop saying that “too thin” is unattractive and “too fat” is ugly. We have stopped looking at the inner beauty of people.

Honestly there is no right body and no wrong body type. ‘Real women have curves’  how about some women do and some women don’t. That doesn’t make them any less of a woman, does it? Everyone is real no matter what size they are, what shape they are or abilities they have.

“Go eat something you are too skinny” needs to be the same as “Are you really sure you need to eat that” the pain and hurt is just the same.

The world thinks that saying “you’re so skinny” is some sort of complement. It is not. You have no idea what kind of battle they are battling at the time.

I think we all need to agree that commenting on someone’s body regardless of their weight is not okay.

Let’s start accepting people for the way they are! Beautiful.