I see YOU

They are not saying your life doesn’t matter because you are not black. Of course they believe all lives matter, but right now, it’s not about us, it is about them. 

Saying all lives matter, is taking away from what they are trying to say. It is taking away their voice. Right now we need to be thinking about them, not ourselves. 

“Black lives matter” is a very strong movement, and I will 100% stand with them. I am not black I am white. 

My father raised us to love everyone, to find equality in everyone. Yes, I see colour because if I didn’t, then I would be colour blind. 

I see YOU… 

I see your beautiful colour, I see your beautiful personality, I see your strengths and how far you have come.  I cannot say I understand because I have not walked in your shoes. 

If you are sitting there defending the police officer then your thinking is wrong. Yes there are great police officers out there, doing an amazing job, but there are ones that are corrupt, and racist. The ones that are doing this, need to be called out, they need to be held accountable for their actions! The police are not above the law. They are not the judge, jury, or executioner. 

If you are sitting there saying “Well they could have prevented what happened to them if they didn’t do crime” Then your thinking is wrong. There was nothing they could have done. They were targeted because of their skin. They were not treated like human beings. 

What can we do to help?. Listen… Listen to them speak… Listen to what they have gone through or will go through. Just fucking listen. 

When we get pulled over by a cop, we are not thinking “this could be it” we are not scared out of our minds for our lives. They are.

We are not scared to go about our daily lives, going to the store, riding our bikes, our kids playing in the park. They are. 

Talk to your kids about what the #BlackLivesMatter movement is. Help them understand how Black kids have to live a different life. 

We have a problem, because everytime someone says black lives matter, there is always someone saying “cops lives matter” or “white lives matter” or “all lives matter” We need to sit down and shut up and listen to what they need to say before we just jump in. 

I am not going to sit here and say I truly understand, or I am fully educated on everything because I am not, I will continue to read books and research and understand the best I can. 

I hear YOU

I see YOU