What day is it even?

Day 23… Maybe? I can’t remember what day we are on at this point or better yet what day of the week it is. All the days are just jumbling together.

How is everyone else doing out there? I think what the hardest part about this is being a parent when everything is happening. Not only do you have to look our for yourselves, you have tiny humans to think about too.

I feel like at this point they have had way to much screen time to last them awhile. My coffee in the morning and wine at night have just jumbled together and I may have had wine earlier then I should. My laundry keeps piling up faster then I can do it. Not going to lie someday’s i just don’t want to do it.

I have been finding myself looking back at pictures in February, saying to myself “wow you have no idea what was about to happen” The world was about to completely stop and or go into full panic buying all the toilet paper out of the stores a few months later and you are building snowmen.

Online schooling has started this week, yesterday was a complete hot mess, one child knew exactly what to do but the other 3 were asking me 230842039482 different questions what to do and honestly I was learning just as much as they were. Today went a lot smoother. I have always respecting teachers with everything they do. I just have 4 kids and I have no idea how they do it with 21 and sometimes more students. Props to the teachers.!

Trying to get groceries right now its a nightmare. No body wants to leave their houses which I get, but my normal online shopping has now become stressful. Trying to find a time slot, trying to remember what we did or how much of it we should get because lord knows when we will get another time slot.

I guess this is our new norm. For how long I am not sure. What I do know is we all need to stick together. Call your neighbor or family if you can and ask if they need something, share resources . Make skype or facebook video calls. Keep in touch the best you can. Try your best and say busy with anything around the house because it does look like this will last a bit longer.

Stay safe.