Let them believe in Santa

As it gets close to Christmas, all my kids can talk about is Santa. The excitement just fills the house, and of our Elf on the shelf Steve.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, the lights, the food and the love that just fills the house, makes me all warm inside.

Some things have come to my attention about letting your kids believe in that jolly ol’ man that is dressed in red. Some parents are questioning if they should tell that little white lie to their kids about Santa being real or not.

My opinion: Yes. Because why the hell not??? Not only is it just amazing to see the magic on their faces when they see him, or hear about him or see presents just appear and magic all around them but it also helps them with their imagination and helps with their emotional development and conjunctive development.

When you child wakes up and sees that Elf on the shelf in different spots, they use their minds to figure out how did it get there? Or be so excited to go to bed because they cant wait to see what crazy nonsense “Steve” will be up to tomorrow. It makes them happy and hearts full, as well as mine.

Why should we be the ones to break the news, instead of them using their beautiful minds to figure it out on their own time line… As the kids get older yes they will get less and less amused by all of it and start to realize that Santa is not a magickal being and more that its your parents love for you that kept him alive for so long to see their excitement, but until that day comes, let them believe!

When you put out those cookies with your kids and Santa eats them or you write “From Santa” on the presents in your own handwriting once your kids begin to doubt that their is a Santa they start to become detectives and put their heads together to find clues and brainstorm together or even do experiments by setting traps for Santa they become little scientists.

Let your kids figure it ourselves, I promise you it is way less heart breaking then you just bringing it up one day saying “Hey kid he is not real” It is way more exciting to them that they know, that they can be “in on the secret” and feel like they are growing up, because that’s all kids want to do is grow up one day, but grow up on their own terms.

In the end the whole family wins, not only do you get to be a kid all over again and use your imagination and fun to get them thinking and to also live in your childhood, they also enjoy it by using their imagination, and figuring life out on their own.

Let your kids grow up on their own, don’t push it… because they grow up way to fast, so hold on to what you can.