Our Tribe… Our Village

I am going to be complete honest here, which I am in all my blog post. I will be the first one to let your child know they are being an ass. Well not in those words but I would tell your child the way he or she is being is not cool.

If I see your child bullying another child or my child I will let them know what is what, and that their behavior is not okay.

If your child went outside without a coat on, I would tell them to put on a coat and make smart choices.

If your child is struggling with something and I notice I will ask them what is wrong and I will be a shoulder to lean on.

If you and your child are fighting, even if its a silly fight but they feel strongly about, I will tell them to come over and be here to give you and them some space.

Why? Because it takes a village to raise the kids.

Once upon a time it was OKAY for other people to correct your kids behavior.

Once upon a time it was OKAY for other people to give a lending hand when you are not around in that moment and they are.

Once upon a time it was OKAY for other people to be there for your kids when your kids are having a tough time with you.

If my kids are being jackasses and I am not around, I want you to be able to let them know whats what and that behavior is not okay!

This isn’t about parenting other peoples kids. I am not here to take your place. Trust me 4 kids is enough for me over here. It is about us raising our future together, its about us making sure that there is a future. It’s about us raising our kids to be one day well behaved adults. This is not me bulling your child when they are doing something wrong, this is me helping.

Yes, everyone helping each other raise the kids, is a little odd to some, but that never was the case back then. Some how it got lost in translation as we grew up. I personally think that we should go back to those ways. Because yes we cant be around our kids 24 7 but other people are. Other moms are. So why can’t we all stick together and raise our kids together.

In the end we are all doing our best to raise these kids, in this time frame, which that alone is hard enough. Yes, sometimes we just need a little help from our friends, and family and neighbors.

Let’s make a tribe… Our village.

2 thoughts on “Our Tribe… Our Village

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