Let’s talk Remembrance Day.

This has been weighing on me for years and I am sure it has for others since I’m rarely alone in things that are bothering me, even those sometimes I feel like I am.

If you don’t know what Remembrance Day is, which I hope that is not the case since its a very important day. It is a day where we remember all the men and woman and dogs who fought and died in the war. To give us the freedom that we have today. We should remember them every day, this is a special day dedicated to them.

What has been bugging me is that people get mad at you for putting up Christmas decorations before Remembrance Day. They literally get offended. People that did not fight in the war. People that have no idea what went on in the war. We hear bits and pieces of what happened but we don’t know every single detail.

The word freedom is exactly that, they fought for our freedom so we can do what we want, when we want to.

To me I feel its disrespectful NOT to put up Christmas decorations when you want to. The ones that fought for us and died in the line of duty never got to put up those decorations again… They will never feel the joy and the love that Christmas brings to us. They would want you to put up those fake garland and lights right after you take down those fake cob webs if that is what you choose to do.

They fought for us, so we didn’t have to, They fought for us so that we could have future Christmas’s.

I feel like holding it off for one day, is telling our kids to only remember then one day, but every day that you put on your shoes, get in your car and safely to work. Is exactly what they fought for. So that we did not have to worry. We need to teach our children what freedom really means. We need to stop teaching them “Happy Remembrance Day” and more of what the day actually means.

Instead of blaming Christmas as to why people forget why we have freedom, teach them every day why we do. Put up those Christmas decorations, but also wear your poppy proud over your heart. Tell the kids why you are wearing the poppy and let them wear one too. Remind our kids that even now people are fighting for our freedom, not just the ones that have passed on.

I bet not one of them fought for you to wait one more day to put up your Christmas decorations.

I bet not one of them would be upset that you are happy with your family and putting them up together. I bet not one of them would tell you, that you are disrespecting them for doing what you want, for doing exactly what they fought for Freedom.

So let’s do our part, teaching our kids what they fought for, teaching our kids to respect others and to respect that ones that gave us our lives. Let’s always remember, not just one day, but we can honor them every day by living our lives the way we choose, by living our lives to the fullest.