Being a mom of a bullied child

I want to tell you about how hard it is to be a mom of a child that is being bullied…

How hard it is to listen to your child ask you “Mom what is wrong with me” “Why do they make fun of me”

How hard it is to explain to them and come up with all these excuses as to why they are doing it, when you honestly don’t understand yourself.

How hard it is for your child to come home and you tell them to tell their teacher and they said they did but all the teacher says it stay away from them.

How hard it is to watch your child cry and hate themselves because other people tell them they aren’t good enough.

How hard it is to invite all these kids to a birthday party and no one shows up, so you do your best to find something else to do without letting him know its because no one RSVPd.

How hard it is to pick your kids up from school holding your breath because you are so scared of how the day went, and the minute to see his face you know that it wasn’t a good day.

How hard it is to watch your child change who they are just because other people tell them that they don’t like the way they dress, or how they act.

How you their mother cry while driving away from the school and them demanding they stay home with you, demanding to be homeschooled, or pretending they are sick just to get out of getting an education.

How you have to listen to other people tell you that “kids will be kids” “they will grow out of it” “your kid should fight back” but that’s not my child hes not a fighter hes a lover.

How my kid just wants to be liked by everyone, how its killing him on the inside that he isn’t how my kid doesn’t understand why.

How hard it is to email the teacher and the principle telling them that your child is being bullied and then don’t get a call or email back, like they just ignored it.

How hard it is that you are not at the school 247 protecting them from all the bullying. You do your best to try and stop it by contacting the right people. but is it ever enough.

How hard it is when you tell your child you will do something about it he bags and bags you not to get involved because it will make it worse.

How hard it is that your child tells you another child told him to run into traffic because hes wasting air.

Please PLEASE I am bagging you as a mother of a child that is being bullied, teach your child to be kind, teach them to not judge others by the way they are, or look. Teach them that everyone it equal. Teach them that you don’t need to be friends with everyone, but you still need to be civil. Teach them. We can all end bullying by teach our children to not be like that. We can end bullying with OUR children. The future. We are the ones that teach them how to be in life. PLEASE teach your child not to be a bully.