Daylight savings, the devil

Here I am on my like I don’t know 20th cup of coffee, honestly I lost count. It is that time of the year where all parents are dying… not really but sooo tired! Time change. It’s not like our sleep is already screwed up with having kids and all. Pretty sure whoever invented daylight savings either didn’t have kids or hated people with kids.

As parents we struggle enough trying to get our kids to sleep. Any tiny little change that stops this from happening even more can kiss my Canadian bottom.

Our kids tantrums and attitudes don’t fall back, and now added on to it we have another hour to deal with their hyper I dont want to go to bed crazyness. Kids dont even understand time change they will get up whenever, so you bet my kid was up hella early this morning. I honestly am just dreaming about my comfy bed. “I will see you soon my comfy cloud”

I think maybe we should all be allowed to give our child cough syrup when daylights savings comes around, or maybe a cute little mascot that comes and tell the kids this is fun time juice.. just kidding of course.

“A whole extra hour to slee…” “HAH naw mom, we will be up at the crack ass of dawn still”

Maybe next time I will send the kids over to their grandparents! “You said you wanted to visit the kids… You’re welcome!”

Some parents look forward to having that extra time to drink some wine!

Maybe we can also set out kids back an hour? Is that possible?

and what about the timing, we get to deal with the hyper of the kids having all that Halloween candy !!

One funny thing that my husband and I were talking about when that kids wont even know the struggle of going around the house and having to manually change the clocks, everything is all digital now!

I have noticed some people without kids complaining about daylight savings. Go have a nap… have like 20 naps… relax.. having some time drinking coffee without being interrupted 34203984203 times before you take a sip !!

My bed is going to feel so nice later I can just feel it! For now I am doing everything possible to stay awake… count down is on!!