Let them enjoy it just a little longer

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Every year on Halloween it rains, or snows… I honestly cant remember the last time the weather didn’t suck! But the kids were troopers and went to several houses before I called it. As a mom I couldn’t let them be out to long in the rain and cold. My oldest who is 10 was so mad, but I said that I didn’t want to them get sick plus I was so cold!

While I was out enjoying my kids run around like crazy crack heads wanting candy plus looking super cute doing it. There was a lot of colder kids going to doors. It didn’t bother me one bit! I can’t say that for some other parents that I past.

“Wow they are way to old to be trick or treating” “Save the candy for the younger ones” Mind you none of the older kids were pushy, they waiting for my kids to go up to the door first. Never was rude or said some obnoxious teen things.

As parents we all have been there and said “I never want my kids to grow up” “I wish they could stay young forever” but then we complain when the older kids want to hold on to their childhood? I don’t have any full on teens yet, my oldest is still a teenie bopper, but I remember being a teen, not going to tell you how long ago we just don’t need to go there. I remember some days I was just plain lazy, I didn’t want to do much. Plus I was around a lot of other teens that video games and just being inside was the best thing to do at that age. So when I see teenagers outside enjoying themselves I am going to praise them! I am going to be so happy for their parents that those teens are out holding on to every last bit of their childhood they possibly can because let face it. They grow up way to fast!

These teens took the time to find a costume, buy or make one. So yes let them have some candy too. Let them stay young for just a little bit longer because before we know it, they will be off to collage and only come home for the big holidays, like thanksgiving and Christmas. Teens are so scared of being judged and let down at that stage so you telling them they cant trick or treat because you’re scared your child wont get enough candy? Seems like a silly thing to be worried about since, hunny we know you are going to eat most of their candy anyways because “Parent tax”

So let them enjoy the last bit of childhood, and hey enjoy it with them if they let you come out, because we stop being cool to be around after awhile. Soak it up! Maybe they will even let you take some pictures but lets not hold our breath on that one.

When you see a teenager out trick or treating or even outside playing in fresh air instead of hiding in their bed rooms, smile because its a beautiful damn thing!