Becoming a mom helped me find my true friends.

Growing up I remember my close friends at the time would talk about having kids. We would joke and say they would be best friends too.

Besides maybe 2 that stuck with me the others seem to have just vanished. I see their Facebook pictures having adventures and parties while I was dealing with swollen feet and bloat.

I would still get the odd invite but before I couls answer they said “sorry I’m sure you’re busy with baby things. Next time lets catch up” the invites started to slow down to nothing at all.

But honestly it was that moment where I realized who my true friends were. Being pregnant was exhausting and through all the pain and love and worry and excitement I needed those true friends.

As I started raising my own little family I started to forget all those friends that stopped inviting me. I enjoyed my little family but I still longed for frends. Friends I knew that I could count on no matter what.

They would message me far in between tell me their drama and lifestyle and honestly it just seemed exhausting.

I needed someone to relate to a mom friend, someone who understood everything that I was going through. All the ins and outs of parenthood.

Friendships are important, everyone needs their person or their people. So you don’t feel so alone.

Friendships these days are few and far between but they are amazing and beautiful.

The woman who sit there and listen to you complain about your kids and you tell them you want to sell them but they know you dont really but sit there and listen.

The woman who you send 50 text in a row before they even respond but you and they know youll get to them when the kids give back your phone.

The ones that know you need a break so they say “Hey let me take the kids for a bit”

The ones that love your kids like they are you own. The ones that understand if you’re just not feeling it about going out.

The ones that share the good and the bad with you and vise versa and don’t judge you.

The ones that are your village the ones that are your families. The ones that taught me what true friendships are.