Disney — Inspired Baby Names

We all have been obsessed with disney for years! Even now they are pretty popular. We have all dreamed about being a princess or prince… Even the villains are popular . If you are a member of the Mickey Mouse club and love disneyland, what better way to keep the spirit of disney alive by naming your little bundle of joy a disney name!
Here are some disney inspired baby names.

Girls Names

Abigail – Abigail Gabble from The Aristocats
Adella – The Little Mermaid
Alice – Alice in Wonderland
Anastasia – Anastasia Tremaine from Cinderella
Anna – Frozen
Ariel – Little Mermaid
Belle – Beauty and the Beast
Charlotte – Charlotte La Bouff From The Princess and the Frog
Cleo – Pinocchio
Daisy – Daisy Duck
Ellie Mae – The Rescuers
Elsa – Frozen
Esmeralda – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Faline – Bambi
Flora – Sleeping Beauty
Georgette – Oliver & Company
Jasmine – Aladdin
Lilo – Lilo & Stitch
Marian – Maid Marian from Robin Hood
Mary – Mary Darling from Peter Pan
Minnie – Minnie Mouse
Nala – The Lion King
Olivia – The Great Mouse Detective
Peg – Lady and the Tramp
Penny – One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Pocahontas – Pocahontas
Rapunzel – Princess Rapunzel from Tangled
Rita – Oliver & Company
Tiana – The Pincess and the frog
Tiger Lilly – Peter Pan
Wendy – Wendy Darling from peter pan
Willow – Grandmother willow From Pocahontas

Boy Names
Aladdin – Aladdin
Apollo – Hercules
Arthur – The Sword in the stone
Ben – Pocahontas
Bernard – The Rescuers
Chip – Chip ‘n’ Dale
Christopher – Christopher Robin from Winnie The Pooh
Clayton – Tarzan
Dale – Chip ‘n’ Dale
David – David Kawena From Lilo & Stitch
Demetrius – Hercules
Donald – Donald Duck
Eric – The little Mermaid
Fenton – Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Flynn – Tangled
Francis – Oliver & Company
Gaston – Beauty and the Beast
George – George Darling from Petter Pan
Gideon – Picnocchio
Gus – From Cinderella
Harvey – Harvey Fenner from The Pincess and the Frog
Hans – Frozen
Henry – Henry Fenner from The Princess and the Frog
Hercules – Hercules
Hermes – Hercules
Horace – Hoace Badun from One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Hubert – Sleeping Beauty
Hugo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Lago – Aladdin
Jafar – Aladdin
Jake – The Rescuers Down Under
James – Captain James Hook – Peter Pan
Jasper – One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Jock – Lady and The Tramp
John – Pocahontas
Kristoff – Frozen
Louie – Oliver & Company
Luke – The Rescuers
Maurice – Beauty and the Beast
Max – The Little Mermaid
Maximus – Tangled
Michael – Michael Darling from Peter Pan
Mickey – Mickey Mouse
Mufasa – The Lion King
Olaf– Frozen
Oliver – Oliver & Company
Otto – Robin Hood
Percy – Pocahontas
Petter – Petter Pan
Phillip – Sleeping Beauty
Pumbaa – The Lion King
Rafiki –The Lion King
Rajah – Aladdin
Razoul – Aladdin
Robin – Robin Hood
Roscoe – Oliver & Company
Sebastian – The Little Mermaid
Simba – The Lion King
Stefan – Sleeping Beauty
Sven – Frozen
Tantor – Tarzan
Tarzan – Tarzan
Thomas – The Aristocats
Timon – The Lion King
Timothy – Dumbo
Tito – Oliver & Company
Toby – Robin Hood
Tod – The Fox and the Hound
Toulouse – The Aristocats
Victor – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Wilbur – The Rescuers Down Under
Winston – Oliver & Company
Zeus – Herculers