Top Halloween Costumes for 2019

My kids have been changing their minds as to what they want to be for halloween since last halloween lol They have finally settled (heres hoping) for Ballerina, Hulk, Iron man, Little red riding hood, and our husky Gus as the wolf.
I remember when we were younger it was simple, ghost, princess, TMNT, vampire, now they are they want to be Youtube people… like what?? I am not sure I want my kid to dress up at Blippi? I don’t know about you?
So I was curious about which costumes were so popular!

Coming in at number one… can you guess?? Princess! Which honestly I am not surprised I don’t think this one will ever get old. Every girl and hey even some boys love to be princesses.

Coming in at number 2 is Super heroes! I am not surprised about this one either. Boys and girls will always love the heroic men and woman! Marvel, DC you name it!!

Coming in at number 3 Spiderman, he gets his own spot on the list! He was on the top Halloween costumes 3 years in a row! The web slinging superhero is a little boys and girls dream to be high above the buildings saving people along the way.

Coming in at number 4 is Avengers Characters (aside from spiderman) since the popular movie “end game” came out every child wants to be one of these amazing men or women!

Coming in at number 5 is Batman! This one has always been popular even when I was younger. I don’t think this one will ever get old!

Coming in at number 6 is a witch! Nothing cuter then seeing a little little witch running around with those cute hats and a broom!

Coming in at number 7 Ghost! I remember one year being a ghost, easiest costume I think my parents ever had to make. Bed sheet and cut holes for the eyes! or hey even casper the friendly ghost, who remembers?

Coming in at number 8 Vampire! I was Dracula one year! My best friend wanted to both be princesses but nope she was a princess and I was a vampire!

Coming in at number 9 Frozen! I am surprised that this is so low on the list! With the new Frozen movie coming out. Last Halloween I think every other little girl was Elsa!

Coming in at number 10 Pirate! Who wouldn’t want to wear a eye patch and have treasure! Understandable it would make the most popular list!

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year! The kids are so happy and excited plus parent tax with the candy!!

I can’t wait! Whatever or whoever your child wants to be, let them express themselves!

Happy Child Happy Mom