Nature — Inspired Baby Names Are Becoming Popular

Baby names have always been really hard for me to figure out, I struggled trying to pick one. I have noticed that there has been a rise in nature inspired baby names so I thought I would do a top 10!

1. Rose
I find this one such a beautiful name, Rose is considered the symbol of “Internal Love”. Roses are often given to love ones to show their love to each other, show your love to your daughter by giving her this beautiful name.

2. Ivy
Ivy is extremely strong, it can grow in a lot of places with standing any condition. Ivy is considered the symbol of “immortality” Give your daughter a strong name so show how strong she can be.

3. Rain
In some cultures rain means “Good Luck” It also means “Abundant Blessings From Above” which is exactly what your child is! Show your little blessing exactly what she means to you by giving them this name.

4. Willow
This one was very popular in 2012, Taken from the name of the beautiful tree, a willow tree is flexible and graceful. What a perfect name to give your child confidence and strength.

5. Storm
Storm has been popular since the 1880s, storm gives off a strong personality. With this name they will become a leader, and carry power throughout his\her life.

6. Reed
Reed actually means nature! With this name your child will have a personality that loves the excitement of life and can easily adapt to all situations. They will be level headed and easy going.

7. Skylar
The name means a deep connection to nature, and the need for perfection. They are courageous and fearless.

8. Forrest
They are extremely idealistic and intuitive, The name was first used in England to indicate a “wanderer of the woods. What way to connect your child to your love of nature by giving him or her this name!

9. Hazel
The formation of the tree is one of crazy contortions and wild curly-Q branches with inconspicuous flowers and nut-like fruits. In Britain hazel was considered the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ with hazelnuts being described as ‘nuts of wisdom’ So give your child some wisdom with this beautiful name!

10. Autumn
This name is very popular in 2019, its in the top 100 names! hey are compassionate people with a strong sensitivity to others. They are able to both educate and inspire. The name just screams beautiful!