Poopsie.. Sparkle Critters

Let’s talk about weird toys that are out now… I remember when I was younger you could literarily buy pet rocks… who remembers that!? For those who don’t know what I am talking about it was a rock, in a box or cage… HA! Not joking.

Now their is a animal, or creature that can POOP slime… Yup. First of all, go away with the slime toys! slime in general. All my kids talk about it “omg mom look at this you tube video about how to make slime” Yes my kids watch youtube sometimes. Judge me if you’d like

This Poopsie critter comes in a can, you pop open the can and twist the chamber and out pops these things. You can either get tiggicorn or a Kitticorn (who comes up with these names?) You give it water and it just poops out slime… I think there is one that also spits it out as well.

Slime gets EVERYWHERE… in their hair, carpet, bed, stuffies… I have found slime everywhere…

I am all for making my kids happy, this is the type of toy that they played with a couple times and then it got thrown in the closet or under the bed. That’s after they got slime on everything and hung out in the bathroom feeding it water. Then the bathroom just looked like several wet dogs shook off in it. The first 2 times they tried was a fail, the slime got stuck and it came out super watery.

I am not saying don’t buy it, i’m sure the kids would have a blast with it. I just feel like 24.95 for a toy that the kids will probably forget about after a few poops is crazy, pretty sure it’s like $80 in some places, Plus the mess… ugh the mess lol

I still have my barbie doll house and barbies that I had as a kid, with all the clothes. I brought them out for the kids to play with and their response “What do they do?” um… you dress them and walk around pretending they talk? The toys they come out with now have so many functions, and take 23094823094823409 batteries that you have to buy separate or I hear “Oh there is an app for that” and some toys are so over priced! 80 for a toy that hatches, my kids would watch it hatch then play with it a bit and thats it! I just can’t!

This is just my two cents! Now off to pour myself some coffee and grab the kids from school… Coffee first… then chaos!

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