Thanksgiving Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect!

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays! Christmas and Halloween follow as well… But nothing beats the smell of Turkey and stuffing and fresh baked pie! Pumpkin pie mmm….

Turkey hand print crafts on the walls, and that one Thanksgiving centre piece that has been past down for generations in the middle of your table.

Honestly whats not to love about thanksgiving!! At the same time it can be very stressful! You want everything to be perfect more so because that one judge aunt Gladdest is coming and we all know she senses when one thing is out of place.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be perfect! Yes its great when everything falls in to place but lets face it, when does it ever! The turkey isn’t cooking as fast as you like it, the kids are screaming and running around behind you with underwear on their heads because they are super heroes from planet underwear and you plugged in the hair straightener an hour ago but to scared the pies wont be ready.

“I don’t have a lot of money to make a big thanksgiving I would like” Honestly half the time people make way to much food and sometimes it gets waisted. Buy what you can! Don’t go all crazy and buy all these things which sets you back on bills and on other things, keep it on budget!

You know what the kids will remember how amazing the food tasted, how fun it was to dress up in their sunday best, how great uncle gerry did his bird impressions. They wont remember that you forgot to put out the cherry sauce, or that the stuffing wasn’t exactly how you planned it to be and Aunt Gladdest can stuff it, because to the kids Thanksgiving was perfect!

They saw that you still have that turkey hand print they made in kindergarden and you put it out every year, they saw all their family members, their tummies are full! Probably ready to explode!

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be perfect, because to them no matter what you do its prefect for them!

Don’t stress mama, you’ve got this! But first make sure to have coffee ; )

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