Every Child Matters

On this day September 30th, we all wear orange!
This day was set for “Every child Matters” because this is the day that thousands of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit children who were removed from their homes and forced to attend residential schools. More than 3,000 died there.

Kids were forced to attend school, and isolated and were told they were not allowed to practice their religion. They were forbidden to speak their language. They made the boys cut their hair, and they made them take off their clothes and put on uniforms and in some cases they even made them change their names. Like seriously?

They did half day system, where the first half of the day was learning in the school the other half of the day they were put to work. The woman were to cook, clean, do laundry… and the boys were to do carpentry and labour, maintenance.

They were made to go to school early and start the chores before breakfast and even when it was time to eat they had to eat fast and the food was far and in between that some were so fatigued.

They suffered a lot of abuse during these times, even some teachers were sexual predators!

In the 1940s, students started to rebel… steal food, set the schools on fire and refused to do the chores that were set for them. By 1986 most of the schools were closed.

So today we wear orange… to honour those that lost their lives and to those that survived and had to live through this all.

I like to think that we have come a long way from this… but bullying and racism still happens. I choose to raise my children to treat everyone equal we may have different regions, believe in different things, love different, parent differently, we all have a heart beat, we all have bones, and blood.. we are all the same on the inside so why do we treat people differently.