But first let me drink my coffee

I don’t know about you but when there is a holiday or a PA day on a monday it just makes the rest of the week crazy. Tuesday becomes a Monday, Wednesday becomes a tuesday and so on and so fourth till wait… what day of the week is it?

This week there has been a lot more coffee drinking then normal, which says a lot because there normally is a lot of coffee… this week its I need coffee in an IV.

The kids have been extra crazy this week, we barely get out of the house in the morning for school without fighting and we barely leave the school at the end of the day without fighting, a lot more crying from the kids and myself!

I almost put laundry soap in the drier.. oh my.. could you imagine? I have had to take a lot more breathers and meditation moments then normal. I put baileys in my coffee last night at 5:00pm because well I was done.

As I am writing this one of the kids is yelling “He’s breathing my air, stop being near me mouth breather”

There is so much I need to get done today I probably should have wrote a list, but then I would probably loose the list, maybe I should write find the list on the list!

Thank heavens it’s friday!! or is it Thursday ; ) It’s been a long week.
Hope y’all had a better week!