What’s wrong with your son…

Those words have never been easy to hear…

“There is nothing wrong with my son” I would say in response to that question.

In the back of your mind you know that he is different then the rest of the kids.

He doesn’t sit still for a long period of time… He doesn’t do well in social situations…

He has these crazy outbursts that make everyone around you just stare in disgust or disappointment “why cant she just handle her child” because its just so easy for you to say Karen…

My son was diagnosed with ADHD, High functioning autism

and a learning disability do to those things…

It was hard hearing those words come out of the doctors mouth… I cried thinking “Did I do something wrong?” “Was it me that did this to him?”

Now I am here, in a territory I know nothing about “What are we suppose to do now?” Here I am doing all this research trying to find what tools I can use to help him. Meal planning, medication, therapists… it’s just all overwhelming. At this point i’m feelings really alone.

On those days where he is having a real rough day… when hes sock it just not sitting right and he screams and cries and calls himself “Stupid”or he says “I hate you” because I asked him to clean  his room. Those day’s where we are in the store  with all 4 kids and he really wants that one toy  and I say no, he screams runs away in the store everyone it staring. looking at you like you have two heads… Those day’s I feel so alone.

I know there will be day’s where I wont be able to handle situations, I know there will be day’s I will cry… But I also know there will be happy day’s. His smile, his personality, his laugh.. makes all those bad days disappear…

So to answer your question Karen  Nothing.. nothing is wrong with my son.. he is perfect… Perfect for me.

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