To The Mom Who Stays Up Late

When 9:30pm changes to 12:30am as I sit up late catching up on my TV shows, and social media and finish the next few chapters of my book that I am reading. I think to myself “Man I am going to be so tired in the morning” but these moments that I am up late are the moments that I need. The moment of silence, my ‘Me Time’.

Having a house hold of 6 can be crazy, there is always someone in any room, even the bathroom you think that is a place you can go and get a minute, it is not. Either kids are knocking at the door or just flat out opening it or husband… even the dog pokes his head through the tiny crack in the door if I don’t shut it all the way.

Yes, I am still going to have to get up, after maybe only getting 5 hours of sleep. So if surviving on 5 hours sleep and lots and lots of coffee is what I have to do, to have some ‘Me Time’ I am going to do it.

I understand that there are several articles stating you can build up “sleep debt”  it can be harsh on your health which is true, But there are also ones that state “Me Time” 

 is important too.

I am not saying you have to pick one… either have sleep or me time, that’s just the time I use. If you want to keep both have some ‘Me Time’ and get your beauty sleep then do both!!

Telling your partner that I need a minute and ask him to watch the kids while you go out, I get it..  “I don’t have time for that” “when am I going to add me time into the mix of after school activities, laundry, dishes etc.” You’re going to have to make that time. Even if it’s just going to the coffee shop and sitting at a table , having a coffee and donuts, or a walk around the street.

This doesn’t mean you are “selfish” you are allowed to think of yourself once in awhile. It’s important. Taking some time for yourself is good for your kids just as much as it is good for you.

Happy mom, Happy kids.

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