I see you…

Hi mom standing in line with screaming kids telling you that this is taking to long… I see you

Hi mom trying to put screaming kids in a carseat… I see you

Hi mom with kids pulling at your arm, another one running around the soccer field while you are trying to watch your other kid play soccer… I see you

Hi mom trying to hold your tears and frustration  in because you have had enough… I see you

I see you all 

We all have been there, or are there right now. Being a parent is hard, being a mom is for sure HARD.

We have to hold is all in, hold ourselves together because we know someone little is watching us.

I will confess something, I am not always good at being a mom. I know some days I totally suck. Every day I make mistakes.

Sometimes I yell when I know you are just looking for some attention and I should be sensitive.

Sometimes I mistake you wanting a hug for you wanting attention.

Sometimes I miss something when I should be paying attention.

But let me tell you something, it is easy to sit there and think of all the negative things that we have done, or not have done.

Think of the things that you have forgot to do, or should have done differently

Just remember you are doing the best you can with what you have!

You’ve got this!

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