How to survive being a stay at home mom.

I became the default parent…

you know the one that cooks every night, and cleans, and does the laundry, washes the dirty away.

I felt like because i wasn’t bringing in an actual income i needed to make being a housekeeper my full time job.

Some days i feel completely alone, yes… alone in a house hold of 6, seems impossible right?

I found the older my kids get the easier it was to find age appropriate tasks for the kids to do so that i am not doing everything and the kids feel like they are big helpers.

I found telling my husband how i feel when he gets home from work about my feelings and how my day went with the kids and don’t be scared to ASK for help… you are already a super mom all day but when your side kick comes home, ASK FOR HELP!!

People always ask me “when do you plan on going back to work?” this seems to be a question that comes up a lot…

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