How my kids saved my life

You know growing up there was always that one child they called ‘Troubled’ i was that child.

I would never listen to my parents, i always did the complete opposite they asked me or i would say no and then do what they asked when they weren’t looking just for them to think i was going to rebel.

I always went to parties i wasn’t suppose to,  i drove my brothers care without insurance and without a license.

I rarely did my homework and when i did it was on the bus at the last minute before going to school. I would yell at the teachers and make sure they knew my presence wasn’t a good one.

But i will stop there…

My before kids wasn’t innocent at all.

But then i had a beautiful little girl…

Who is now 7 acts like she is 17…

This little girl with her perfect little nose, and fingers and the BLUEST eyes i have ever seen, i felt like gravity hit me for the first time.

Right then and there i made a change, for myself and for my daughter that i was going to be the best mom i could ever be…

Through all those sleepless nights, and diaper changes and puke stains i felt bad… i felt like i took my parents for granted, i cried some nights thinking how much my mom cried when she had no idea where i was or how many times i told her i hated her.

I thought to myself if my daughter ever told me she hated me it would break my heart. I don’t know how many times i called my mom even now telling her how sorry i was for the way i behaved, and she always joked “i curse you with a child that acted the same way you did with your little attitude”  She forgot to remember that one day she would be having sleep overs with my mini me!

One night, Catching up on my Son Of Anarchy, folding the piles of laundry that i was just avoiding because i was so tired to even think of the word laundry let alone fold it, having a newborn is not the easiest of tasks.  I did not go to college, just high school and i barely got that. I decided right then and there that i was going to go to college, Yep this troubled child was going to make something of herself !

I started my online course. Between spoon full of Bananas and Ginger Chicken, i was doing exams, notes, reading… and i got the degree!

After my daughter, came my son 2 years later…

A couple of years after that we blended our family and my boyfriend now my husband brought in a daughter, now i have 2 daughters and a son.

I wanted to do something else with my life, I started working at a vet clinic, 3 kids, and a job my all time dream job!! working with animals, it was tiring and exciting all at the same time, being at work all day and coming home and taking care of 3 kids.

Then my we added a 4th child our son.

and we got married.

I am now a stay at home mom and i am okay with that, i get to raise 4 beautiful children and be a wife, and one day i will go back to work and work at a clinic, but for now i get to be a mom…

A lot of people and mostly people that don’t have kids say “kids will ruin your life” “Kids will change your life completely” My kids did change my life, but for the better… i found gravity through my kids..

My kids saved me.

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