Hand me downs

“I am only going to put brand name clothes on my kids.”

“Pfft hand me downs, never…”

Before you have kids you don’t realize how expensive they are going to be.

No matter what job you have they are going to suck the money right out of your pockets.

Of course we want our kids to look so darn cute in those nike kicks.

But let’s be honest here. Kids grow like bad weeds, one minute they will be in newborn and next 6 month’s out of no where. You blink and they are 6 years old. Buying clothes every 2 weeks is not in the budget.

So when my friends say “Hey, I have a bag of clothes would you like them?”

Ugh heck yes I do. I am like a kid in a candy shop. 4 kids and hand me downs is a blessing!!

Then what do you do with all those clothes that your kids grow out of?? Going through all the clothes filling up 2 garbage bags full. SO MUCH STINKIN CLOTHES.

I either donate or ask friends !!

Don’t knock it till you try it! I promise once you get out of the “I will never do hand me downs” Well April I bet you will, $50 cute snow boots and the next week they grow out of them. You’re going to be saying “Heck yes!” To those hand me downs!!

2 thoughts on “Hand me downs

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